Bear Creek Zipline Adventure - Ketchikan
3.25 Hours Including Transfers

Eight dual cable ziplines with an aerial view of Bear Creek!

Enter the Fun-Zone! This eco-rainforest adventure for both beginners and experts features ziplines, tree platforms, and rappelling. Perfect for families, groups and first-time zipliners!

Your adventure begins with a ride up the steep hillside in a custom all-terrain 4x4 Unimog to the briefing camp. After outfitting and orientation, your guides will introduce you to eight dual cable ziplines with an aerial view of Bear Creek. You will be challenged with a unique descent from platform to platform on huge Western Hemlock and rappel to the ground from the final tree platform.

Experience panoramic ocean, forest and mountain views from the tree platforms on this exciting and safe adventure at the lush Herring Cove rainforest reserve, an eight-mile coastal drive from Ketchikan. In addition to tall stands of spruce, hemlock and cedar, the ecosystem here supports an extensive wildlife population. Although sightings cannot be guaranteed, guests often see eagles and bears.

Gear down at the base camp, where you will be presented with a special award in recognition of your achievement. View your action photograph and shop in the General Store before departure for the dock.
NOTES: Weight limitation: 70-250lbs. Height requirement: 50 inches. Minors must be accompanied an adult. Participants that do not have full use of limbs, suffer from neck or back issues, have mobility limitations, women who may be pregnant, or those with seizures disorders should obtain medical advice and release from their physician prior to participating. In addition, please contact our staff 48 hours prior to participation if any accommodation is necessary for participant to safely enjoy the activity. Waiver required. Closed toed shoes required. Long pants and layered clothing recommended. Rain jacket provided. Sign REQUIRED WAIVER.
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Bear Creek Zipline Adventure - Ketchikan
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“This was the best excursion
I have ever taken—It’ll take a lot
to out-do this one!”
Cathy Crisp
Sacramento, California

“…Everything! This is the best experience. Our guides were
awesome. They made it very safe
and enjoyable and had so much knowledge of the area.”
Rob Burton
Melbourne, Australia
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